Tonstartssbandht & PC Worship

SUPC Presents:

Tonstartssbandht & PC Worship

Doors @ 10pm
$3 w/OCID $7 Public
Tickets on sale soon online & at wilder desk


"It is a staggering task—one that would take several hours—to listen through the recorded output of Edwin and Andy White. The two brothers, Florida-raised and currently Brooklyn-based, have released an alarmingly unwieldy pile of music over the past few years. Edwin makes records under the name Eola, and his last album Ye features elaborate, dramatic choral arrangements where he's the sole vocalist. Andy's records as Andy Boay are psychedelic and unpredictable—he creates cluttered, maximal song structures that can shift suddenly from ethereal to heavy. Together, they're Tonstartssbandht (pronounced tahn-starts-bandit), an endlessly touring project that's always been eclectic." - Pitchfork


"For five years, PC Worship have been the sort of amorphous New York ensemble that can only be defined by a series of question marks. (Their album) Social Rust finds the band evolving into their most realized semblance of a "rock band" yet, collaging decades of downtown New York dissonance while sludging into the future." - Pitchfork