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Odwalla 1221 and SADAF


"Odwalla88 is a two-girl band from Baltimore, Maryland, composed of best friends Chloe Maratta and Flannery Silva. When I first met Chloe and Flannery outside a DIY space in Los Angeles, they seemed like the Brontë sisters incarnate: verbal and unmarried, with matching middle parts. When they played, the drum machine felt like it was looping indefinitely, until the sound was knitted into something solid and severe. Their lyrics are cute and scary, like the animal graveyard that I discovered when I was seven in my next door neighbor's backyard, with round flat stones marking dead road kill: Bunny, Princess, Angel. Odwalla88 has attracted a devoted and growing following across the country, because they remind you of all the things you forgot you knew: calling your best friend when you're crying, but you can't calm down enough to actually speak; a plastic basket full of butterfly barrettes; patchwork quilts, patchwork jeans, patchwork as a method of survival; stepping on snails with bare feet. Odwalla88 is a journey without a destination, a community of sisters, a revolutionary manifesto that says, 'Live, Laugh, Love.'" - ID Magazine


Earlier Event: August 26
ADBU ALI--Orientation Show at the 'Sco
Later Event: September 15
'Sco Lip Sync Competition