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UMI + Real Girl

On Saturday, September 7th at 10:00 PM, The 'Sco is happy to welcome UMI & Real Girl for a night of lovely sounds and liberating energy.

UMI (@whoisUMI) is a young, Seattle born, Cali based Lo-Fi R&B/Soul artist whose music is as soothing as it is deeply moving. She is well-known for such popular releases as “Remember Me” and "River." UMI first gained renowned as a producer, later releasing her own music on Soundcloud and Youtube. Now, as she begins to garner the following and support which she duly deserves, we hope to create a platform for Oberlin students to receive and appreciate her boundless talent.

UMI "Remember Me" Music Video:

Real Girl, aka Josie, is an Oberlin alumni and dj extraordinaire. Her sense of awareness towards sound and its relation to Oberlin crowds has allowed her to establish herself as one of the most talented DJs in recent OBIS history.

The Oberlin Hip-Hop Collective's Mission & Purpose:

The Oberlin Hip-Hop Collective is an organization whose mission is to connect the Oberlin community to Black art and artists. The organization functions as a conduit through which the greater Oberlin community can celebrate Blackness, in all of its diverse manifestations. Our goal is to correct the severe underrepresentation of African diasporic artistic expression on campus; ultimately, we wish to affirm the value of Black perspectives and boundless potential in Black creativity.

Black students on Oberlin’s Campus are confronted with a dire lack of both resources and institutional support. Challenged with navigating predominantly white academic and social settings, Black students often find themselves positioned at the periphery of life at Oberlin College. In spaces like the ‘Sco, one need simply attend the venue on the night of Splitchers and look out over the crowd of exclusively non-Brown faces, in order to recognize the overtly racialized dimensions of Oberlin’s social dynamics. The Oberlin Hip-Hop Collective seeks to address the racist, exclusionary tendencies of Oberlin’s artistic and social communities. Through our programming, we aim to create safe, comfortable, and welcoming spaces on campus for members of the Africana community. Although our programming frequently features varying forms of Hip-Hop, our events are not limited strictly to this diverse realm of Black artistic expression. Our organization is committed to appreciating such diasporic traditions as orature and visual representation; thus OHOP’s goal is to organize and mediate the reception of socially resonant, intellectually engaging, and liberative Black art forms. In accordance with this mission, UMI will bring a unique sound and spirit that the Oberlin community needs.

Earlier Event: September 4
Later Event: September 10
90's Hip Hop + R&B