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AAArt Collective Presents: Yaeji, v1984, and Xuan Rong

The Asia America Art Collective presents a night of dancing and good vibes.

Don't forget to check out the full schedule for the Asia America Art Collective. Coming soon! 

Yaeji will also be putting on an audiovisual art exhibition on Saturday March 11th from 1-2pm in the Baron Art Gallery located in the Alumni Center across from Kim's. Come through!

Sco, 10pm-1am

Xuan Rong

Xuan (shwen) Rong, stage name of NYC native Rachel Katz, combines whispery vocals and mechanical beats to create lof-fi electronic sound reminiscent of Arca or FKA Twigs. Her eclectic brand ranges from manic sugar pop pieces to dreamy R&B works. Her music brims with textures that complement each other, layered with emotions juxtaposed in ways that are startling, unexpected, and many times bewildering. Underneath the synth and bass lies a unique voice that is modern, strong, sensual, and vulnerable all at once. Xuan's musical roots are steeped in the classical. She began piano lessons at age 6 and switched to violin at age 12, playing with the The InterSchool Orchestra of New York for 2 years including performances at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. One day she stumbled upon a blog post by Grimes explaining how she uses Ableton and her musical style changed dramatically. She was inspired to expand beyond the classical and to build on her interest in pop music to fashion her current sound. She currently attends Oberlin College where she studies computer science and music.

v1984 (Glacial Industries)
v1984, the Glacial Industries affiliate whose most recent release, ‘Becoming (N)one’, saw him provide what RA describes as “doom-laden bass” with “luminous melodies”, bringing to the table a devastatingly beautiful take on increasingly saturated genre most notably with the almost constant presence of the piano. It is the piano that will form an integral part of his yet to be premiered live show, slated to be debuted in the first part of 2017 in conjunction with an EP to be released on a crucial label. v1984 DJ sets encompass club workouts, instrumental obscurities and his now infamous edits, which have garnered widespread attention, both in the club and on radio.

Yaeji is Kathy Yaeji Lee, a 23-year-old producer who splits time between Seoul and New York but can't call either home. She was born in Queens, but her Korean immigrant parents fretted over her becoming too Americanized. They relocated to Atlanta briefly, then back to South Korea, then Yaeji came back to New York. Memory is fuzzy, and with that a sense of belonging. Yaeji sings about that in "New York 93", her first official release. Home is neither here nor there but somewhere inside of her. Yaeji sings in a hushed whisper, as if only to herself. It's barely pitched, gently whistling, sliding between English and Korean words in the same verse. You're so close, right there with her – then so far away again. For Yaeji, songs are private moments in public spaces. A friend told me "Feel It Out" reminded her of the first time she went to a dance club – that mix of fear and excitement, the bright flickers of recognition in the deep dark unfamiliar. This is the pep talk we give ourselves. Open up in a new way. Open up on a Monday.

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